Eurotartufi, The fresh truffle and truffle products specialist.

Founded in 2004, our company, initially specialised in the commercialisation of fine quality  gastronomic products, focused its activity particularly on the truffle sphere.  We dedicate ourselves to sharing with an ever-growing public, our passion for this exceptional product.

Fresh truffles: from the truffle-seeker (“the caveur”) to the consumer:

We select directly in Italy and in France the different varieties of fresh truffles, according to the season, to offer the freshest product, in the best time frames, to professional and private customers, in complete respect for quality.  Benefiting with this on-the-ground experience, and from our quality standards, our company positioned itself naturally as a reference in Belgium.

Eurotartufi:  our assortment of truffle-based products

We have developed our activity in response to a growing demand for quality finished products based on truffles.  This is how our selection of truffle products was born.  We work in close collaboration with manufacturing workshops in Italy in order to create original products based in the essential ancestral traditional recipes.  The result: delicious products, easy to use, that will naturally find their place in your kitchen.

Our boutique: Le Palais de la Truffe

Located at the heart of Europe, our specialised store, “Le Palais de la Truffe”, is nowadays A must, not only for gourmet amateurs, but also for the country’s most demanding chefs.   Thereby providing a reference place to the Capital of Europe.

We dedicate an important part of our activity to the presentation of our products at trade fairs dedicated to gastronomy. This direct contact with consumers and professionals allows us to never lose sight of the essential: creativity and respect for quality.

The Online Shop

Thanks to the Online Shop, our products are available all over Europe.

Our Story and Philosophy

From coincidence to passion

It all started in the winter of 2001, when I met a great Italian restaurateur in Brussels: Gian Marco Melloni. He has been “in the business” for more than three decades and is a true truffle enthusiast, one of the pioneers of truffle cuisine in Belgium and a fan of local products from the different regions of Italy.

From this meeting was born a friendship that has deepened and consolidated over time.

Over the years, in his Piedmontese gastronomic restaurant “la Paniscia”, Marco introduced us to truffles and their great secrets. This is how a certain fascination for the truffle was born, so much so that it has profoundly changed the direction of our professional activity.

As our company was already well known and established in the Horeca sector for saffron and caviar, it seemed natural to us to add this other product of great delicacy and make it our preferred product

We started with the distribution of fresh truffles and then developed our activity towards the production sector. There was, in fact, a great demand for quality finished products based on truffles. So we developed, in collaboration with an artisan workshop in Italy, our own range of truffle products.

Our job has become a passion that We try to share through the many gastronomic events in which we participate. This direct contact with the consumer allows us to never lose sight of the essential: the creation of quality products.

From producer to consumer, without intermediaries

Over the years, we have established close contacts with several growers located in the different truffle-growing regions of Italy and France. This allows us to guarantee not only the quality of our truffles, their origin, but also reasonable prices.

The transport of the truffles to Belgium is ensured, either by these correspondents or by our company itself, always with the concern to deliver products of exemplary freshness.

Today, when I look back on the road we have gone trough since 2001, the development of our professional activity, the interest and the contacts we have established, I can only say “grazie, Marco! ».